L3 Corporation, a commercial real estate firm headquartered in St. Louis, came up with acreative way to use Fractures to modernize and revitalize its office space. We talked to Sarah Capobianco, Director of Creative Strategies, about the office decor idea and why Fracture was right for L3 Corporation.

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What is L3 Corporation?

L3 Corporation is a leading retail commercial brokerage firm specializing in tenant representation, landlord representation and property acquisition and disposition. Members of L3 Corporation have brought deals to fruition in excess of 32,900,000 square feet spanning over 100 cities throughout the United States and Canada. L3 Corporation is focused exclusively on retail real estate.

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How did you find out about Fracture?

The all mighty powers of Google!

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What led you to order Fracture prints?

We wanted an original, modern, unique feel to the artwork in our office. Fracture is all of those things combined. Once I found Fracture, it was an easy decision.

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Can you tell us more about the photos you chose? Who took them? What are they photos of?

L3 Corporation is headquartered and operated in St. Louis, MO. We absolutely LOVE our city and wanted to display pieces of St. Louis that are a little different, pieces that visitors to our office, and current/future clients would ask questions about.

When people think of St. Louis, the first thing that comes to mind is the Gateway Arch. We (of course) love the iconic structure, but wanted to show it from a different perspective than the usual “St. Louis skyline” photo, so we opted for a picture from the base of the Arch (looking up), and another photo of the “pod” that transports visitors up to the top. It’s just not something you get to see every day! Our city has SO MANY beautiful places to see and things to offer and we love to showcase all of it. It is a great place to live, and a great place for new retail…and we’re proud to call it home.

Though we picked from several different collections, the local photographer we worked with was Jerry Stuart of Big Stu Films ( We had also found a lot of great images on Flickr from various photographers.

Our main focus was to show St. Louis from all different angles, and these photographers were able to do just that. Some of the locations showcased were: The Gateway Arch, St. Louis City Museum, St. Louis Science Center, CityGarden, Botanical Garden, Busch Stadium, Anheuser Busch Brewery, Forest Park, the Old Courthouse, St. Louis Union Station, the Stan Musial Memorial Bridge, St. Louis Union Station and several other places off the beaten path.

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How did you use them?

We went with the square glass prints in the largest size offered by Fracture, and lined them down our longest hallways. Black and white prints were used on our colored walls, and colored prints were used on our white walls to show depth and break up the space.

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Were you surprised by how they looked?

Yes. I had no doubt they would look great, but once they were delivered, I was blown away.Opening each box was so exciting, and everyone in the office was looking forward to seeing what we had! I loved them so much, we hung them ALL the day they arrived (we have 27 total). Everyone that visits our office loves looking at them, which is exactly what we wanted. A few colleagues and myself are planning to order through Fracture for our personal spaces as well. They are such an amazing addition to our office!

Thanks, Sarah for letting us help decorate L3 and sharing your Fracture story!

 Source: Fracture Blog